Development and Operation of Payloads for Small Spatial Stations

The objective of this R&D line is to motivate the design and development of future spatial stations of reduced weight (pico-satellites and micro-satellites of 10 kg and 50 kg, respectively, payloads, see picture). This spatial mission will have either a scientific character (execution of on board experiments for medical, biological, pharmaceutical and nutritional applications) like a technologic character (validation of computational, electronic, both RF and optical, components and equipments on board in these future satellites).

In this R&D line, a complete new development of the aforementioned spatial station of small size is proposed. This development would imply mission (orbits) design services, satellite-earth communication links and communication equipments (transceivers, cables, amplifiers, antennas and passive components) needed both in the satellite and in the earth tracking station (see pictures).

This new and promising R&D line is carried out in collaboration with technology based companies from Valencian Community (specifically EMXYS as main contractor and AuroraSAT in the area of high frequency equipment and components), as well as the Val Space Consortium and the European Space Agency (use of the common laboratories for the validation of the small spatial stations to develop).

Politech.1 – UPV  Orbits
Ground Station Boards